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Hansung Trade Corporation was established in 1996 and as one of the specialized leading companies in export & import in South Korea that deals with Pipe & Tubes, Pipe Fittings, Electrical Steel( CRGO & CRNGO ), Stainless other shape rolled material, Hot & Cold Rolled Steel Sheet and its relevant product based on the rolled steel sheet, namely Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Sheet, Electrolytic Galvanized Steel, Prepainted Steel Sheet, Electrolytic Tinplate Steel Sheet and Galvalume Steel Sheet, among others, we supplies Korean manufacturers products and Chinese premium manufacturers products as well. We are endeavoring to provide the products that the customers require in conformity with a fast-paced steel product market situation and various clients demands.

While we maintain friendly and systematic relationship with manufacturers, we are not only expanding sales every year to USA, China, Japan and Middle East markets in terms of export based on an in-depth product knowledge and experience but also focusing on the sales expansion in terms of import through picking out a blue chip client and products diversification.

To supply satisfactory and superior quality products to the buyer, we definitely pass through a verifying and inspecting process on the products whole by ourselves, visiting the factory before and after the production aside from a complete check ranging from the enquiry to the contract.

Since always we are devoted to the basics and punctually meet the delivery date and maintain a transaction relationship based on a trust, we are confident that we are the one with whom want to keep a continuous business relationship, not the one who is finished as one time transaction, if we succeed a transaction.

We secure various Mills/Makers/Suppliers in compliance with various items and we are growing, developing day by day on the basis of knowhow more than ten years.
At all times we stand for the customer¡¯s position and we are striving to be a company that is always doing the best to grow with the customer as well as to meet the customer¡¯s requirement along with efficient management.