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Definition of Electrical Steel

SLIT COIL is the item which is processed to give the cutting deformation to make possible 2nd fabrication.
We can fabricate slitting of 0.2mm~1.2mm thickness and 15mm ~1,300mm width of electrical steel, cold rolled steel, and stainless steel sheet etc, with large SLITERLINE (made in Japan) in the wide variety to meet our clients needs.


For welding machine, transformer and machine tool etc, we can make slitting and laminating fabrication of 0.2mm ~ 0.7mm thickness and maximum 570mm width before the step of finished products.


We can fabricate slitting to degree & 90 degree, hole and lamination of oriented electrical steel sheet for industrial transformer, up to the max 550mm width, by use of automatic processing machine.

As single item we deal with, our company has fabricated electrical steel sheet and get it in the process of component during the past 20 years. We also deal with secondhand transformer, grain-oriented steel sheets, and 0.50mm GT050(grain-oriented steel sheets ) for high frequency and can tall process having the press machine for 40TON, 60TON EI-CORE.